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Why I love Mondays.

Beth Bundy

I used to dread Mondays.  I remember being so worked up on Sunday nights that I would often wake from nightmares of rebellious students or lessons gone awry.  Now Monday is my most productive day of the week and I anticipate it in a totally different way.

Yesterday was a Sunday and I did spend the entire day thinking about my work for the week ahead.  But instead of feeling dread I felt excitement as I listed the tasks for the week in my head.  I do have about 5 different projects that I am working on but I am looking forward to working on all of them!  I even cleared off my work table and set up a printmaking station so that it would be ready to go when I got to work on Monday morning.

Ready to print station!

Ready to print station!

And here Monday morning is.  I had time to sit and watch the sun rise as it reflected off of the yellow leaves of the trees with my three year old. I walked him to school, waved goodbye and ran home in a hurry to get to my work.  I cleaned up the pile of cardboard boxes that have been waiting for me patiently for weeks and even got rid of some clay that has been in my studio space for 4 years.  Now I am showered and clean and ready to get my hands dirty...bring on the week!