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Ready to get back to work!

Beth BundyComment

I am surprised that I have found myself daydreaming about vacation being over.  That would not happen if I was teaching in a brick and mortar school.  Don't get me wrong, the past two weeks have been great spending time with my family.  We've travelled to southern California, ventured to a ski-in cabin near Mount Hood, and relaxed at home next to our ornament-loaded Christmas tree.  I have found time to get my haircut and take care of necessary appointments and treasured time spent with friends and neighbors.  Yet I am anxious to get back to a routine and create more work.

While I was in San Diego, I heard the results of the grants that I applied for this past fall..  Unfortunately I did not receive the project grant to lead a design thinking workshop in the summer but I was awarded a professional development grant for further developing my website!  I am thrilled to have my art photographed by a professional photographer and create a shop on my website to sell my work outside of Portland.  Thank you to the Regional Arts and Culture Council for helping me to develop my art profession.  It has been a joy so far and I am ready to jump back into designing, cutting, blogging, and selling!