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I just want to draw.

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I am just now beginning my exploration into the world of digital drawing.  I know what I want; easy to use, affordable, and logical.  I need something that can draw precise images, uses layers (because I want to be able to see my drawings layered one on top of the other) and makes sense.  I am going to be drawing by hand first, then transferring them to a screen of some sort, and drawing the image digitally from there.  Ultimately it would be cool to leave out the hand drawing step because I can so easily hand draw on my screen (of my dreams).  It's been a journey already to find something that meets these needs.  

To be honest, I think I might have found what I want.  My phone got wet a few weeks ago (never put kid's water bottle in bag with Iphone) so I had to place a visit to my friends at Apple.  I love this store with its humming gadgets and window walls that look out into downtown Portland.  My Apple greeter told me that they were slammed and I may not be able to get helped because I was late for my genius bar appointment.  I can't believe how dependent on my phone I've become.  I never thought I'd be that person when I was one of the last people on the planet to even get a cell phone 15 years ago.  So, I was annoyed that I was late and that they might not be able to help me.  "Okay, I'll just wait over here" I said as I sttolled towards the Ipads.  He noted down my Khaki shorts and blue tank top so the next available genius could find me.  It only took me about 2 second to forget about my phone's demise.  I had the apple pencil in my hand.  "This is so freakin' cool!"  The guy next to me was using his high school drawing skills to sketch out a perfectly in proportion face.  And it looked like a pencil sketch!  My mind was blown.  "Hi, you need help with your phone?" said the Apple guy.  "Uh, yeah.  I guess," I said as I was pulled away from my new found love.

I haven't gotten over the Ipad Pro.  That slim piece of metal that was so interesting. If I was to list exactly what I wanted, this is it.  I've been trying to find something that measures up to his awesomeness that is actually within my (monetary) reach.  Online search websites and videos have yet to shed light on more tempting options and the articles I've read comparing tablets have not helped.  I am feeling frustrated and desperate to find something to meet my needs.   I even bought the Wacom Intuos.  I tried to like it.  I wanted to move on but I just can't forget about that feeling that I had of the first time we met.  I just can't get it out of mind.

Maybe I should just settle for what I've already got and find some kind of app that will live up to my expectations?  How can I just make something work on my phone or MacBook.   Illustrator Draw?  Astropad?  CorelDraw?  Tayasui sketches?  I Googled and YouTubed "best drawing tablets for artists," "best drawing apps for artists,"  "how to create vector drawings in Illustrator."  I already know how to use Illustrator.  Maybe I can make it do what I want to do?  Why do the strokes disappear when I start to draw a new stroke?  Ugh!  My frustration is mounting.