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I am not used to this.

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It feels strange this first week of the school year to not be in a classroom at a brick and mortar school.  I feel like I am playing hooky watching the neighborhood children get up and leave as I feed my toddler and slowly make my way to my upstairs studio.  I am used to setting an alarm and shoving breakfast down before busting out the door as the sun rises.  I am used to having a schedule.  I am used to asking for permission to be absent and getting someone to cover for me if I am going to be gone.  I am used to having something other than my own self motivation pushing me to focus on my work.

But I am inspired right now.  I'm excited about all of the projects that I am starting and the progress that I can already see.  It was only about a month ago when I started on this journey and I have already acquired new skills, made meaningful contacts, and spent hours on creating.  And I've only just begun.  I can see the progress and feel the change inside of me but I am self conscious.  

Do others think I'm just spending my days dawdling my time away?  My step daughter stopped by with her boyfriend last week in the afternoon. I was snuggled up on the couch with my I-pad in my lap and my computer resting on the coffee table to my side.  I looked like we do on the weekends, when we all relax in the living room with our technology in hand.  If she would have glanced at what I was doing, she would have seen a drawing on the I-pad of a coffee cup and images loaded into Illustrator waiting to be turned into files for my laser cutting class that night.  I was working. It just looked different than the kind of work I am used to.  I'm not used to being able to sit on my couch in the middle of the day next to my dog and have a snack while I work.  And I am sure it looked different than the kind of work she is used to seeing adults do as well.  

It's going to take us all a little getting used to. 

People think that I am taking the year off.  The funny thing is that I am working harder now than I probably ever have because I am so determined to make this