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My new website.

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When I was in college getting my BFA 20 years ago the internet was just becoming a thing.  Now, it is THE thing.  All artists have a portfolio to showcase their work.  I have no doubt in my mind that in every undergraduate art program today there are classes just on how to promote your artwork online.  But it did not exist back then.

The Day 5 of my 30 day challenge is to create a mailing list for my potential art clients.  Yet in the instructions there is a there is a disclaimer that says "(NOTE: You really need to have a personal artist website in order to move forward effectively with the remainder of this 30 day challenge.)"  Sounds easy, right?  I've made websites and blogs before but all of the those were about my work with students.  I have hundreds of photos of student work on my computer and I have at least three blogs from various times in my teaching career.   But now it's time to think about me and my artwork.  

Creating this website has been fun.  It's been a learning experience and it has been time consuming.  I started out thinking about using very subdued colors but then began to add my photos and realized that my work and life are not really subdued.  This challenge is getting me to really look at how I am IN the world and how I want to present myself TO the world.  

I have really enjoyed seeing it come to life and thinking about what inspires me and the stories I want to tell to my potential clients.  Stories are really what helps us to connect to each other and I want to feel that I can tell my story to help support my art.  Because after all, every creation has a story.  I appreciate that my new website will allow me to share those stories.